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Least Favorite Adaptation: Vampire Academy

When I heard that Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead was being made into a movie, I was excited. After watching it, I was seriously shocked at how bad it was. In order to have a successful book to movie adaptation, I feel you need the right script, the right things are kept or cut out. You need a good director, the way it shows on the screen is very important. Finally, you need to have the right cast, if the cast don’t resemble their character in some way, even with changes here and there, you won’t capture the reader audience. The Vampire Academy movie, in my opinion, had the right cast. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the characters besides the ones that were in the cast. Also, they couldn’t have picked a better Dimitri. I mean, he’s gorgeous, tall, and, most importantly, Russian. He is everything Dimitri is.

Vampire Academy Cast Photo
This cast was spot on.

Where this movie went wrong is with its script and, even more so, its directing. The way the script was written just made it feel like a B movie. Also, the script cut out some really important characters. I actually didn’t notice this until I started rereading the book recently. They cut out Alberta and Stan. I’m sorry but you can’t have Vampire Academy without these characters. They are so important and I don’t know why they would get rid of them. I wouldn’t consider them minor characters. Also, when they are bringing Lissa and Rose back to the academy, they are attacked by Strigoi. This isn’t supposed to happen because Rose is to not have ever seen or encountered Strigoi until much later. Some people may not see that as a big deal, but it is because of the way she reacts to seeing her first Strigoi. Now the script, with everything that they kept and cut, was done poorly, but the directing was even worse. The way this movie was directed made it look like a really bad B movie. For those of you who don’t know what a B movie is, a B movie is a low-budget movie and are mainly intended for direct to dvd or tv release. Now I’m not saying that all B movies are crap, but this looked like some of the worst B movies. I feel that if they had directed this more like the Twilight series, it may have been more successful.

There are some poorly done book to movie adaptations that I still watch even with all the inconsistencies, but this is not one of them. I will say I look up clips of certain Dimitri scenes, but besides that I can’t stand this movie. It was done so poorly when it could have been great. If you have seen the Vampire Academy adaptation, what did you think? Did you think it could have been done so much better?


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