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Guilty Reader Book Tag

I found this tag on Thrice Read’s blog and loved the questions. So here is first weekly tag post.

The Questions:

1. Have You Ever Regifted A Book That You’ve Been Given?

To be quite honest, I have never been gifted a book. Almost every time I have put books on my Christmas or birthday list, I never receive them. I know that sounds sad, but my mom buys me books all the time.

2. Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?

Yes I have but it has only been with books that I have technically read in school.

3. Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

I don’t think so. I can’t remember the last time I borrowed a book, if ever.

4. Have you ever read a series out of order?

Yes, but by accident. I had picked up a book from the library where they didn’t have the books before it and I assumed that this was the first book. About three-quarters of the way through the book, I realized that this wasn’t the first book but the fourth book in the series.

5. Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

Not that I am aware of.

6. Have you ever doggy eared a book?

The cheap mass-paperbacks, such as many of Mary Higgins Clark’s books, I’ll dog ear for whatever reason.

7. Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do?

Probably. I don’t loan out books so if I have it was to keep someone from asking to borrow it.

8. Have you ever told someone you haven’t read a book when you have?

No. I haven’t read anything that I wouldn’t want other people to know that I have read it.

9. Have you every skipped a chapter or a section of a book?


10. Have you ever bad mouthed a book you actually liked?

Yes. I bad mouth the Twilight series all the time. When I read it, I did like it. But now that I have read so much more since then, I don’t see it in the same light as I do now. I do admit that it’s the series that reignited my love for reading, but that’s it.


What are some of your reader confessions?


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